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Matt Holm records Hole-in-One

Photo courtesy of New Ulm Country Club Matt Holm recorded a hole-in-one at the New Ulm Country Club on June 17 on the Par 3, 178-yard sixth ...

Bonita E. Krueger

NEW ULM — Bonita E. Krueger, age 87 of New Ulm passed away peacefully of natural causes on Thursday, June 18, 2020, at the Oak Hills Living ...

Thumbs Up/Down

Business opening THUMBS UP: It is nice to see businesses reopening in New Ulm, and it’s even nicer to see a new business opening on Minnesota Street. MNEIS is an ...

Targeting bad cops: Lessen union power

Police reform bills take small steps

2020 election

To the editor: Fellow citizens, in this time of unrest and uncertainty few things are guaranteed. Death, taxes, the behavior of the Republican Party and the fact ...

Wear masks to protect others

How will the world end?

Welcoming Communities Project

Weeds: Working to make a difference

Should New Ulm block parts of Minnesota Street at times to allow restaurants to place tables outside?

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